Monday, February 21, 2011

Maven Integration for Eclipse JDK Warning on Windows

If you start eclipse (or springsource tool suite) and get the following popup:

you need to point eclipse to a JDK. You can't do this within the IDE itself so just close it. Then go to the directory where you have eclipse installed. Edit eclipse.ini in an editor that understands unix-style line endings (like notepad++ or wordpad). If you're running STS, the file will be called STS.ini instead of eclipse.ini.

Look for the -vmargs line and insert a new line BEFORE it that specifies the location to your JDK's javaw executable. Like so:

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  1. wow, thanks very much.
    I was trying to put

    -vm C:\...

    all in the same line but it wasn´t working until I modified to


    Thanks very much!