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Getting Started with Ruby on Rails on Ubuntu 11.04

Recently, my friend Richard has been getting into Ruby. At first, I scoffed , telling Richard that Ruby might be a fine language, but I want nothing to do with the people who write in Ruby. Remember back in the day when we all read slashdot ? Pretty much anyone who admitted to running or even just not hating windows would eventually be set on fire in the comments. I imagine those zealots as the same group that evangelizes Ruby. I'm not alone in thinking this. The problem, though, is that I'm starting to notice Ruby creeping into my radar more and more. My investigation of node.js made me realize that a lot of the frameworks I like are actually... ports from Ruby. I think technologies like LESS, SASS, and CoffeeScript are pretty cool. And although they're hardly exclusive to Ruby , that's the general direction they're coming from. It's even hard to read about state-of-the-industry testing practices without coming across rspec and cucumber . Ruby is begin